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Action SuperAbrasive Products is a leading manufacturer of Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

Large Diameter Wheels

We specialize in large diameter wheels up to 50” in diameter and Center-less Wheels up to 24’’ diameter and up to 24” wide in Single and Multi-grit bands on Bakelite core. Depths up to and including 2” (50mm) available for through feeding, plunge and oscillation accommodating both short and long rod manufacture

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Electroplated Wheels

Electroplated wheels are “Unique” as the process itself.  They are single layered wheels which the abrasive is held together by a thin layer of nickel that is controlled during the plating process.  The key benefit is for applications that require high removal rate for hard materials and products that require critical form without the need to re-dress.

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Vitrified Wheels

Vitrified is the bond of choice for Aluminum Oxide and silicon carbide abrasives but conventional abrasives differ from diamond and CBN in their manufacturing techniques both in construction and application.

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Resin Bond Wheels

Resin bond Diamond & CBN grinding wheels are the most commonly used SuperAbrasive product currently consumed. Resin bond product, as the names describes is a combination of resins and fillers pressed under heat and pressure that are easily dressed to angle forms, straight forms, and special radius forms. Very Fine finished can be achieved using resin bond products.

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Polyimide Wheels

Polyimide is a high temperature resin, manufactured very much the same way as standard resin bond with the pressing temperature about three times that of resin bond and pressing forces as much as 5 times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

I have been using Action super abrasive grinding wheels for 20 plus years now. I have found ASA’s wheels to be among the very best for OD and end relief grinding on end mills. The form wheels from ASA have always been our first choice when fluting drills for their form holding capabilities during production. They have an extremely competitive price, and their delivery is typically around 2 weeks, where most grinding wheel manufactures are 4 – 8 weeks, and quite often competitors struggle to make their promise date.  I have found the customer service we receive when working with ASA is always prompt and courteous and they provide some of the very best technical support for their product. I have always been able to rely on Action to expedite wheel delivery whenever needed without jeopardizing the quality of their product. - Steve C.

We approached Action Super Abrasives to help solve our issues with grinding wheels for our CNC. With our new patent on machinery we were faced with holding a high edge tolerance(.015-.020) radius. Action Super Abrasives was able to establish a better edge quality along with a high removal rate! Working with the Action team allowed us to over come our companies greatest obstacles.We have found the experience of working with Action to be very professional and cordial in every level of their company. I will continue to recommend and support Action Super Abrasives to people in need of their products or services!! - Dean G.

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