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Looking for Quality & Productivity Improvements for Vitrified Application?

As you know the important benefit to these vitrified bonds is controlling deflection, which lies in producing high material removal rate at lower cutting forces. No other bond system can achieve this. Thus, Vitrified Application is key in this process. Action SuperAbrasive has been successful and can manufacture up to 20″ continuous rim, which is rare in the SuperAbrasive industry.

Vitrified application

The key benefit to vitrified bonds is controlling deflection which lies in producing high material removal rate at lower cutting forces which can’t be achieved with any other bond system. Therefore, the vitrification process actually produces a wheel made of glass which is brittle and performs well in uninterrupted cuts. The bond system can be modified to meet customer specific manufacturing requirements because of porosity.

ASA Vitrified Application Benefits

  • Did you know that many of our customers are experiencing improvements in quality when using our Vitrified CBN wheels? The free cutting ability of our wheels generates less heat and produces better tool life for our customers. This better tool life includes time reduction, by increasing the feed rate.
  • Jet Engine Applications – Form grinding of blades and vanes – Our customers have experienced better form retention from us than our competitors due to how our wheels cut cooler during the application process.
  • High production grinding requires CBN Vitrified Wheels in the automotive and aircraft industries.
  • Grinding ceramics, glass, PCD, and semiconductors use Diamond Vitrified wheels.

Interested in learning more about our Vitrified Application? Visit our page here or contact Monica Hughes, for more vitrified wheel information. Furthermore, Monica Hughes has been working for Action SuperAbrasive for over twenty years and has worked with a consultant for the past few years in developing our vitrified formulation for various applications. She continuously helps our customers see an improvement by using our vitrified wheels for their application. Contact Monica today!


Monica Hughes


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