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Plasma Spray and HVOF

Action SuperAbrasive provides Specialty Diamond and CBN Grinding wheels to various Coatings Industries within the USA. There are various types of sprays used in the coating industry whether it’s plasma, plasma flame or cold spray. Our wheels can provide a range of finishes depending on your application. The size for ID and OD wheels range from 1” to 36” in diameter and up to 8” in thickness.


  • The coatings can be applied to any material and part. The objective is wear-resistance and the most common application for this process is aerospace. Wear rate is certainly critical in this industry.

  • Diamond wheels are commonly used on the harder coatings such as tungsten carbide, chromium carbide and ceramic and can also be used on HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel) spray.

  • Most of the grinding is straight cylindrical and the machines are standard OD grinders. The wheel sizes tend to run from 14" to 36" OD. ID grinding is also very common and the wheel sizes range from 12" OD all the way down to less than 1" OD. The speeds and feeds are standard for OD / ID wheels on most machines running at 6500 SFPM.



Roughing Application

  • Generally, use in removing old coating in order to “Respray or Coat” the work piece with new coating.
  • Grit size between 60 to 80 grit.

Semi Finish Application

  • Wheel usually produces satisfactory results after the first coating application. No need for a finish grinding operation.
  • Grit Size between 120, 150 and 220 grits.

Finish Grinding Application

  • Desired finish will be determined on grit size needed to achieve desired results.
  • Condition of the machine tool, spindle, and set-up will also be factors in expected finish.
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