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Introduction to the Wheels In Action Blog

Action SuperAbrasive, located in Kent, Ohio, is pleased to announce our Wheels In Action blog! We started manufacturing Diamond and CBN wheels in 1983. Our facility allows us to manufacture all items in house. Therefore, we maintain the ISO 9001 certification and are always improving our processes to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. In addition to this, we strive to be an industry thought leader on the topic of superabrasives, which is our intent with the Wheels in Action blog. Not only do we want to improve our business, we want to improve your manufacturing business as well. By providing insightful and helpful content, we can partner to make the manufacturing business more productive than ever.

Wheels in Action

Our History

In 1993 we expanded our operations in Switzerland by partnering with some of the most advanced minds in manufacturing. Our goal was and still is to deliver the same quality, consistent and leading products worldwide.

Consequently, we have started this blog to share our experience, successes, best practices and introduce you to our team members. We hope you can use this content to better your business techniques and strengthen your understanding and trust of Action SuperAbrasives.

In future Wheels in Action postings you will find information on:

  1. Our product lines
  2. Our market specialties
  3. Resin Bonded Wheels
  4. Polyimide Wheels
  5. Vitrified Wheels
  6. Calibration and Redressing Techniques

As a superabrasive industry leader, we also plan to offer blogs about the most important events going on in the industry, processes important to superabrasives, and challenges present today in manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about superabrasives (and we just may write a blog about it!).

We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience to hopefully increase your knowledge and understanding of Diamond and CBN wheels and their impacts on different applications. Check out our catalog.

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