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Did You Know There is a Difference in Truing and Dressing a Wheel?

ASA is your source for truing and redressing wheels up to 20in diameter with 1 week turn around! Are you having problems with wheel run-out, form not within specification or want to change the wheel form?

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What exactly is the difference between “Truing” and “Dressing” a wheel?


To produce the highest-quality work, wheels must be trued after being mounted on a spindle. After mounting, there will always be some eccentricity. This will affect the final workpiece in several ways. Some benefits of this process are:

  • Establishes concentricity
  • Introduces form or shape into a wheel


Next comes dressing; this process always comes second. While superabrasive wheels are mostly self-sharpening, the material used can occasionally cause the wheel to dull. Dressing sharpens by removing this material and helps to expose the fresh edges of the wheel.

  • Operation that produces crystal exposure or chip clearance.
  • Return wheel to original dimensions

Truing and Dressing requires a two-step technique:

Step 1

  • Truing (Profiling)
  • Wheel concentric to the spindle axis
  • Shape wheel profile to geometry
  • Fracture dull abrasives

Step 2

  • Dressing (Sharpening)
  • Expose abrasive above bond
  • Provide chip clearance

The typical materials used in dressing technique are Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide Dressing Sticks.

Conditioning Requirements


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