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Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Abrasive Wheels Safety Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You shouldn’t ever feel like you need to brace yourself for abrasive wheels safety. Since they’re tools that are literally designed to wear away whatever they come into contact with, your entire workplace should learn how to be safe around them. Not respecting the damage abrasive wheels can do will grind your workplace to a…

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Why Superabrasives? A Guide for Manufacturers

The jewelry industry would have you believe that diamonds are a rare commodity. Except that this isn’t quite the case. In 2016 about 128 million carats were produced from mines. Many of these diamonds never make it to the jewelry industry. Only diamonds that meet certain standards are considered gem quality.  That doesn’t discredit diamonds that aren’t gem quality.…

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About ASA250 Dressing Machine

Action SuperAbrasive Products offers dressing wheel services for wheel packs, all types of SuperAbrasive grinding wheels and specializes in dressing metal bond and Polyimide wheels. Our ASA250 machine can hold tight corner radius to .002 and achieve run-out to 2 microns. Lead time for dressing wheels is one week. This is a numerically controlled, fully enclosed dressing machine…

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Introducing ASA250 Dressing Machine

Action SuperAbrasive is proud to present our ASA250 dressing machine. This is a numerically controlled, fully enclosed dressing machine for SuperAbrasive wheels. The ASA250 has a wide range of benefits, including controlled speeds, precision, and stability. The ASA250 will grind wheel packs for all CNC Tool Grinders. Range SuperAbrasive wheels range between 40-250mm. Wheel pack…

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Are You facing Grinding Wheel “Challenges” For Your Application?

The grinding industry is an ever-changing field that manufacturing companies need to keep up with, to satisfy the needs of their customers. Companies are faced with new challenges every day while working with valuable material and need advanced products to achieve their desired grinding results. Many manufacturers believe that it becomes too costly to accommodate…

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Introduction to the Wheels In Action Blog

Action SuperAbrasive, located in Kent, Ohio, is pleased to announce our Wheels In Action blog! We started manufacturing Diamond and CBN wheels in 1983. Our facility allows us to manufacture all items in house. Therefore, we maintain the ISO 9001 certification and are always improving our processes to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. In addition…

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