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The Ultimate Guide to Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels: A Recipe for Success At face value, grinding wheels are pretty straight forward pieces of equipment. They provide a coarse, spinning surface to remove hardened materials at high speeds. Dig a little deeper though and you will find there’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect grinding wheel. To be clear, the…

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Your Step by Step Guide to Dressing a Grinder Wheel

A grinding wheel is a fabulous tool that serves many purposes such as removing metal, smoothing out edges, and redesigning worn-out materials. After you purchase one, the wheel will work like a charm for years to come and help you out with all of the above uses and more. Then there comes a time, such…

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Avoiding Grinding Wheel Wear

With the 13 million people who are working manufacturing jobs all around the country, no one would tell you that the state of your tool doesn’t matter. To do the most you can with your diamond grinding wheels, you need to maintain them and keep them in good working order. Material gradually wears away from the surface…

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A Comprehensive Guide to CBN Grinding Wheels

How often do you go to sharpen a tool and find you need to replace your diamond grinding wheel? Does it feel like it’s too often? It could be that you use your wheel more than most, but what if it is isn’t? You may simply not have the right wheel for the job, which can…

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7 Types of Grinding Wheels on the Market Today

Grinding wheels are common in manufacturing industries. You see them in automotive shops, construction sites, tool shops, medical manufacturing industries, etc.  They are also extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are getting into. Fortunately, there are two ways to avoid catastrophe:  1.     Have a clear understanding of wheel grinder safety.  2.     Get the right kind of…

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Keep Calm and Grind On: Solving Common Grinding Wheel Issues

A lot of variables go into using grinding tools in your production process. If you don’t have everything precisely set, then you may run into some grinding wheel issues. It’s tricky to figure out exactly what is causing it. We’ve compiled a list of some common grinding wheel problems to troubleshoot. Sometimes the solution is easier…

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The Benefits of Using Large Diameter Abrasive Wheels

The market size of Metal cutting machine (MCM) was estimated at USD5.99 billion in 2016. There is an increasing demand from several industries like the automotive, defense and aerospace, electrical and electronics, construction among others. Abrasives are still a much-misunderstood method of cutting. Many people conclude that it results in rough surfaces due to its name. So…

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Abrasive Wheels Safety Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You shouldn’t ever feel like you need to brace yourself for abrasive wheels safety. Since they’re tools that are literally designed to wear away whatever they come into contact with, your entire workplace should learn how to be safe around them. Not respecting the damage abrasive wheels can do will grind your workplace to a…

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Why Superabrasives? A Guide for Manufacturers

The jewelry industry would have you believe that diamonds are a rare commodity. Except that this isn’t quite the case. In 2016 about 128 million carats were produced from mines. Many of these diamonds never make it to the jewelry industry. Only diamonds that meet certain standards are considered gem quality.  That doesn’t discredit diamonds that aren’t gem quality.…

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