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Learn About the ASA250 Dressing Machine

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ASA250 Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ASA250 Dressing Machine's Range?

  • SuperAbrasive wheels range between 40-250mm.
  • Wheel pack up to a maximum diameter of 200mm.
  • Dressing wheels are between a diameter of 150-300mm.

Why is the ASA250 Dresser an innovative and precise dressing machine?

  • 5 Axis capability allows dressing angles/faces/radius between wheels without splitting the wheel pack.
  • Infeed passes and ‘B’ axis (for radius) are automatic, so the operator does not need to be at the machine 100% of the time.
  • Wet Dressing – Coolant is constantly cleaning both the SuperAbrasive wheel and Silicon Carbide wheel, while reducing both loading and resistance of both wheels at the point of contact. The Coolant tank has 120 Liter tank capacity with paper filtration system.
  • Precision is key – Capable of achieving run-out to 0.002mm (2 micron).

What machines do you offer wheel mount dressing for?

  • Walter Machines
  • ANCA Machine
  • Rollomatics
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